What is the New CouchTuner Website?

What is the New CouchTuner Website?

CouchTuner is a streaming website that lets you a pirate and watches movies and TV shows for free. It has a large collection of both and has gained a lot of popularity since it was launched in 2010.

Since it was launched, it has operated under many subdomains, including .com, .xyz, and .fr. You do not need to make an account to use the service, but it obviously won’t have as clean a format as paid services like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

CouchTurner might be free but also has numerous downsides.

Here are some of the most common questions about CouchTurner:

Is it legal?

If you want to plead plausible deniability, this is where I suggest you stop reading, but…no. It is not legal. It helps you pirate stuff, and anything with the word pirate in it tends to be illegal.

The owners of the site have not paid for the content they are allowing you to stream, so technically, they have violated copyright laws. It spreads content from different media sites that do have a license to distribute that content…and that is frowned upon, to say the least.

Is it safe?

CouchTurner does let you stream your content without getting your system infected. However, it has a number of advertisements that make you feel like you are walking in a minefield. If you are suddenly asked to sign in or update your media player, it is not CouchTurner asking you to do so.

It might very well be some kind of virus or malware that will infect your computer the moment you click on it. So technically, it is safe to use CouchTurner, but you still need to watch where you click.

What are the alternatives?

Well, one option is paying for services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney Plus. But if you do not have money to spare and really need to watch the next episode of Game of Thrones, we got you. Here are ten alternatives to CouchTurner:

· 123movies: 123movies or GoMovies is a streaming service from Vietnam. It’s pretty similar to CouchTurner, except the layout is much cleaner. It does have the option of registering, but as the label suggests, it is not compulsory. 123movies has been shut down in the past, but it keeps popping up again and again, much to the chagrin of whoever takes down these websites.

· FMovies: The site was created in 2016 and is a great alternative to CouchTurner. It has a cleaner format, and the downloads are quick. It is also much easier to use as it queues up the next episode if you are watching a TV show. Right now, FMovies has more than 4 running websites, but they have not been shut down as their locations are not known.

· Tubi: This one isn’t even illegal. Tubi is supported by advertisements, which allows it to serve its users licensed, legal content. Even though the advertisements can get a bit irritating, tubi’s huge online catalogue is well worth it. As of 2019, it had about twenty million monthly users. Tubi can be used on pretty much any device, and it even has a kids’ version.

· TheWatchSeries: TheWatchSeries does not just offer TV Shows; it also has a large collection of dramas and anime. Additionally, it provides the option of high-definition streams. You also have the option of subscribing to your favorite streams.

· DosMovies: Previously known as TwoMovies, DosMovies is another free streaming service. It has somewhere around 50,000 different movies and TV shows, and the site is still adding to it. One of its best features is that it allows you to filter your searches on the basis of the genre and the release date of the movie or show.

· Popcorn Time: This one is my personal favorite. Popcorn Time is an application available on all platforms, including Windows, iOS and Android. The app has no ads at all, and its clean and aesthetically pleasing layout has made many users compare it to Netflix. You can filter movies and shows on the basis of the genre and choose to stream or download whatever you want to watch. Popcorn Time has an intuitive interface that makes it popular among users.

· MovieWatcher: MovieWatcher is a streaming platform. Like Popcorn Time, it provides users with review information from sites like IMDB. Some of the streams offer HD options.

· Soap2day: Soap2day has movies and TV shows of different genres and is an amazing alternative to CouchTurner. One of its coolest features is the requested feature, with which you can request shows and movies that you want to watch. Additionally, you can also download content.

· Xfinity: Xfinity is great for binge-watchers. It offers a list of around 20 genres for you to choose from. You don’t even need to register to get access to the content. The number of ads is few―and we all know how annoying ads are (looking at you, certain music streaming app). Xfinity also provides a surprising amount of personalization for users.

· Just Watch: Just Watch offers amazing streaming and downloading services and a huge library with numerous famous TV shows and movies. It is really well sorted, and the interface is really user-friendly.

· MovieNinja: MovieNinja has an entire host of HD movies and TV shows, and that is honestly what makes it different from other free streaming platforms. MovieNinja also has an intuitive interface and helps find movies similar to the ones you like.

Here’s the last question, and probably the one you are most curious about:

Is CouchTurner still accessible?

No, most variations of CouchTurner are not. However, more sites that help people pirate their favorite TV shows and movies keep popping up and always will. So have fun with the alternatives we provide, and if they are taken down, do not worry about it; there are always more fish in the sea.

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