Top ocean movies trending today

Top ocean movies trending today

Ocean movies are movies that revolve around the plot of the ocean and water-related sports. You will definitely binge-watch these movies if you are interested in ocean and water sports. While stuck at home in lockdown or while having a fun movie night with your family or friends, an ocean of movies will definitely be a very good option.

You can never get bored while watching these types of ocean movies as they will glue you to their storyline, water effects, heroes, stunts or even villains.

This article further provides you with some options for ocean-related movies that you can watch while being struck at your home. These movies can entertain you like no other. Following are the options for some very good ocean movies Hollywood to binge-watch-

  1. Titanic

Titanic is the best and the most blockbuster Hollywood ocean movie that almost every person in this world has watched at least once in their lifetime. It has no scuba diving concept but still has the most memorable underwater scenes in Hollywood cinema. It has a very deep detailing of the scenes, and audiences watch the movie by sticking to it.

It stars Leonardo de Caprio as the main male lead and Kate Winslet as the main female lead. Another reason for its popularity is that this movie is based on a totally real-life story that actually happened in the same way as the movie has been presented.

  1. Mission impossible- Rogue nation

This movie stars the spectacular actor Tom Cruise as the main lead. He learned freediving skills for real for this movie. While shooting this movie, Tom Cruise has become a very competitive freediver holding his breath for straight six minutes. This is another very good Hollywood ocean movie.

  1. Jaws

One cannot talk about ocean movies without mentioning the famous and blockbuster jaws movie. However, it was not at all related to scuba diving contents. Still, it changed the perspectives of people related to sharks and other underwater animals. This is definitely a very good ocean movie.

  1. Aquaman

Aquaman was released after many years of a wait, but it was all worth it. This movie is power-packed with great action and direction. There is nothing that is not worth loving this movie. The plot is about half-human, half-Atlantean Arthur born with superpowers of communicating with marine creatures.

  1. Deep blue sea

This movie stars the favorite actor of all times, Samuel L. Jackson; his character takes on genetically modified sharks from an isolated research facility trying to escape into a wide-open ocean. The deep blue sea is an action suspense thriller that will entertain you like no other.

  1. Finding Nemo

This movie is an emotion for all the scuba divers out there. If you have some serious interest in water or ocean sports, then this movie is definitely a must-watch. Their fish characters display real-life likeness in their characters. You will be fascinated with the scenes and direction of this movie.

  1. Fool’s gold

Mathew McConaughey is a treat to watch in this movie. It is a scuba movie that depicts the scuba diving sport very well. The main character of Mathew Macconaughey is a deep-sea treasure hunter who reunites with his wife, Kate Hudson, during his quest for a Spanish shipwreck which is full of treasure. This movie is perfect for family movie night entertainment. You can not get bored with movies of these types.

  1. Open water

Open water is a movie with a plot story of two people left behind from their dive boat into an open ocean. The twist in the story comes when sharks appear, and their lovely vacation takes a wild turn. It is definitely a must-watch for having small family time entertainment.

  1. The Abyss

The abyss stars James Cameron, who is himself an avid scuba diver in real life, and he has the thing for the ocean and water sports. The movie is packed with entertainment when a US nuclear submarine sinks near a massive underwater trench. The plot is mixed with underwater diving and aliens providing you with a suspenseful yet fun watchable movie.

  1. Thunderball

Thunderball is a James Bond classic ocean movie dated back to the nineteen sixties. In this classic piece, the man of the moment was Sean Connery, who dives with sharks in the Bahamas. The interesting thing about this film is while shooting in the waters, big huge planks were placed to separate the sharks from the shooting area and from harming the cast. However, this one time, some sharks swam their way up to the planks and reached for the cast. Fortunately, everyone was saved and lived to tell the tale.

  1. For your eyes only

This is another James Bond classic. It shows underwater footage of Roger Moore in the waters of Miami and the Bahamas. This film’s most fascinating feature is that most of the scenes were shot on a stage with the perfect backdrop and great sound effects, where water editing was added later.


So here were some of the most loved ocean-related movies of all time. You can watch these while you are home alone or while having a fun movie night with your cousins or friends, or during a Sunday movie day with your family. An ocean-related movie is always a good option for power pack entertainment.

These movies are motivating, fascinating, interesting, inspiring and show the water life in a way that no other movie or source can. You will be glued to the movies as they present such storylines, plots, etc.

You can never get bored with these movies. Whenever struck and could not think of what to watch, you can always go for an ocean movie.

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