Top 10 Mumbai based startups

Top 10 Mumbai based startups

The top 10 Mumbai-based started up are amongst the market leaders.

From the last two decades, startup oriented mindset and motivation is evident in youth, especially in India, from service-oriented professions and government services and planning the future following safety and security of job posts to taking a risk and initiating ideas and implementing them into actions and providing it with a marketplace and deserved audience.

Doing a job or practicing your professional career is a really good idea for kick-starting your earning and learning process and make something productive out of your time. But if you want to do something of your own then also there is nothing wrong with it.

If you have a strong idea, right intention, desired motivations, required skill and correct guidance then the pool has plenty of seed funders dying for meeting you for making your dream come true and ready to invest the most amount your start-up requires.

You think I am kidding right? But no, I am more than serious. If you have the ability and passion to bring a positive change to society and the environment then keep going, buddy. You are on the right track, just not lose hope and keep hustling for it. Don’t stop until you make it.

Let’s dive in and see some recent Mumbai-based startups that did exceptionally great at all times. I can bet you must have heard of most of the below-given start-up names and must have used a few of them. Here we have the Top 10 Mumbai based startups who made their marks:


A Mumbai-based startup Pranay Chulet in 2008, the startup, now headquartered in Bangalore, has raised $350 million. It’s a fantastic initiative to help every citizen to find open stores, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants and every necessary store at your fingertips. One can order anything or everything on any day, at any time.

Quikr offers you the benefit of not going to different stores individually and spending your whole day sharing and buying your groceries, medicine, toiletries, makeup, clothing, and many more. You can order them at your doorstep within few minutes along with endless options and discounts & rewards.


Pepperfry is amongst the most popular online platforms selling furniture and home decor. Many popular YouTubers and social influencers recommend Pepperfry.

They just not sell furniture and home decor but also provide them on rent, which is a cool and pocket-friendly option. You can customize the furniture or home decor in accordance with your style and choices with desired quality, material and size within your budget.


A prevalent and loved beauty, cosmetic and health brand. Extremely popular amongst the youth. Top brand’s latest collections at a discounted price, what more beauty and cosmetic lovers wish for. One-stop destination for all your cosmetic cravings from waterproof mascara to your favorite lipstick.

Ola cabs

Ola cabs are the Indian most used and highly rated ride-sharing company with the easiest and safest ride-sharing app with 3M+ active users. Now comes with ola bike rides and ola auto drives as well which can reach you in no time and can swing you through the traffic.


It is the online platform for pre-booking your seats or spots for upcoming movies, shows, live events etc., in advance. You don’t need to stand in long queues and wait for your turn to come and just not that you can choose seats as well in advance only. And always gets a cashback and a chance to win free trips or offer coupons which can be redeemed within a certain time limit.


InCred is an NBFC (non-banking financial institution) providing loans to students planning to study abroad with any collateral deposits. Just your details and some paperless formalities and you are right to study abroad without putting the burden on your guardians and you can repay in small EMI’s once you start earning.


Toppr app is an online platform providing educational tutorials to the students from 5th to 12th standard plus additional preparation was NEET, JEE etc. Personalized doubt sessions, weekly tests and regular performance reports and improvement guidance.

Toppr app just teaches you the course for scoring well in exams but also makes your concepts clear and easy to understand by professional mentors and super skilled teachers for making learning a refreshing experience, not a burdened compulsion.


This is amongst the newly grown startups freshly and directly for giving platform and engagements to struggling brand stores. It’s a simple, flexible multi-purpose app and one-stop platform for finding the most trendy products and services at the lowest price possible and get free deliveries to your doorstep.


Haptik builds Intelligent Virtual Assistant solutions that enhance customer experience and drive ROI for large brands. We are in the 21st century which is broadly known as the technological era or artificial intelligence era. You can get the easiest and simplest way outs with the help of intelligent Virtual Assistant seating on the backend for serving you 24/7 and any day of the week.


Working for your financial independence after a certain age group is as important as breathing because after you started earning yourself for your own self and for supporting your family. You will get financial independence and yes the freedom of taking your own decisions and spending and investing the money as per your needs and choices.

Take inspiration from the above start-ups and don’t just settle with what you are doing but stretch your limits and make your dreams come true by utilizing your inner core abilities and following your passion. Making a positive change is not the option but the duty for bringing it their way.

Keep hustling and don’t stop until you reach your goal and after that set a new one. There’s nothing as good as being your own boss and doing what you like and serving your part to the world.

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