Best DTH in India

Best DTH in India

Best DTH in India! Well, that interest has been on. Living in a world where connectivity is a boon given to us by computer scientists for the past few years. Due to this, we do not have any issues during our entertainment.

The connectivity services have become easy and have been a great help. Those services that can be viewed as the communication facility for televisions are called DTH or “Direct to Home”.

We can see the huge competition in the market between the DTH provider companies. Since the advent of Television, the world of visual communications has changed forever. And also we know that entertainment really plays an important part, we need the uninterrupted facilities to perform this business. At this moment, the concept of satellite television was introduced, i.e., Best DTH in India.

The DTH in India gave us a bunch of choices, thousands of channels, even live feeds and on-request services. Over the years, this market has grown in India to achieve a lot of popularity. Hence, here are the few listed DTH connections that we can have in India.

3. Videocon D2H

To know the answer to which is the best DTH service in India, then here is your answer. Videocon d2h – the best DTH service that any user can get. It is one of the most popular and widely used Set Top Box by customers for viewing HD channels.

The last update of 2018 for videocon improved the video and audio quality, thus providing a better experience of viewing SD and HD quality.

2. Tata sky

If you do not know, Tata sky is a Joint Venture company between Tata and Sons and American media & entertainment giant 20th Century Fox, which also owns the Star TV network. As per the reports, Tata sky is the second DTH operator in India.

Previously in 2018, Tata sky had removed its multi-TV policy, which led to many people ditching the service because of the high cost involved with secondary connection for their home. The subscription amount of Tata sky is more attractive to the subscribers if you are looking for a year plan.

3. Dish TV

Dish TV has the unique difference in launching India’s first Direct-To-Home TV system. On October 2, 2003, Dish TV began the service by providing some 60 analog channels.

The company decided to focus on urban and rural areas of India, where cable TV was unavailable. In 2011, Dish TV found the 437th spot on Fortune 500 India list.

4. Airtel Digital TV

Looking for the best DTH connection, then you are in the right place. Airtel digital TV is the 3rd biggest DTH operator in India. Also, it is the first to provide remote to the subscribers. The price of this service is also affordable for the subscribers.

This is one of the cheapest DTH operating services available in India. Keeping in line with the brand identity, Airtel Digital TV airs digital satellite TV and music to Indian households.

Factors to be considered before Buying a DTH connection

Your Direct to Home connection gives you entertainment uninterruptible. We advise you to know a few factors of your favorite DTH before buying it. The DTH companies are really doing good business in India as we know India is the 2nd largest populated country in the world. Having the highest population, this entertainment business is growing day by day.

So, here are some points that you need to know before buying the connection for you.

1. Price of the DTH connection:

There are different prices for different DTH companies. But some of the companies offer a free subscription for a month. At the same time, others offer a cheaper installation price rate. Many DTH brands now offer free vouchers in addition to new dish installations.

  • Videocon d2h – Its HD set-top ix is worth rupees 2020/-.
  • Dish HD – Its set-top box is 1500/-.
  • Tata sky- Set-top box is 1800/-.
  • AIRTEL DIGITAL TV – New HD connection starting at 1490/- only.

2. Recharge Offers with offered channels:

You need to buy a subscription for the particular DTH. The company knows the requirements of the subscribers. When you recharge your pack subscription through digital mode or through your service provider’s website, you will always get some cashback offers or some discount offers.

  • Dish TV – Dish TV offers the cheapest channels on a monthly basis. At the price of rupees 165/- per month, you can get an affordable distribution of the popular channels from all types and totalling a count of 197 channels. It is the best all-in-one plan.
  • Videocon d2h – It also has the best all-in-one plan for the subscribers. At the rate of rupees 319/-, you can get it all in one pack from various DTH operators. The pack provides a decent balance of SD channels from all genres, including kids, sports, infotainment, and more.
  • AIRTEL DIGITAL TV – This also has the best all-in-one plan. If you want an all-in-one plan with a decent collection from all genres, then this Rs.380/- plan is a great option. The pack also provides 30 HD channels as part of the pack, which is good for those who are subscribed to the HD service.
  • Tata sky – If you are a Tata Sky subscriber and are searching to get an all-in-one plan that provides a decent mix of channels from all genres, then you can refer to this plan. At the rate of 522/- per month, it gives you only 130 channels.


Everyone wants the best entertainment at the lowest price available. If you are looking to get the best DTH service operators in India, then have a look at this post. I have given all the possible pieces of information regarding DTH services, including the price and all the factors before buying it.

Also, it will give information about the recharges and offers that the DTH operators make available for the subscribers in Indian. I hope this will help you in some way.

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