Studio Wildcard had declared that they would release the new expansion map that is ARK: Survival Evolved- “Valguero” on June 18, 2019. It was long back when it was first released, and it has been a sensation since then.

The ARK update is free to download and has been adding a vast and diversified map, including sensational biomes for exploration and calling home. It is gorgeous and spreads across a diverse area of 63 square kilometers.

It has aesthetic landscapes ranging from scenic mountain tops, valleys, dark cavernous gorges, and you will be tripping in the web of the beauty of the aesthetics. New encounters include the titanic boss arena battles, mysterious ruins, unexplored cave networks, and the new ferocious, quick and agile dinosaur (Deinonychus).

There are multiple interfaces of this game like English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and many more with full audio. It is available on the Steam platform, from where you can download it easily. The genre of the game is Action, Adventure, Indie and multiplayer.

The Valguero Expansion Map has been added to the Playstation and Xbox from July 2019. They carry out live streams and are great. The consumables present in the game are Deinonychus Egg, and the Artifacts that are present are Brute, Crag, Cunning, Destroyer, Devourer, Gatekeeper, Immune, Pack, Skylord and Strong.

The features that are included in the ARK: Valguero Expansion Map are:

  • Expansion of exploration

The exploration field has seen a new extension and its eye-soothing. The aesthetics are expanded over 63 square kilometers with vast lands and sea. It is extensive and gives a thrilling experience.

  • Triple threat Boss Challenges

There is a boss arena which is a triple threat area where you meet enemies and fight battles with Megapithecus, Manticore and The dragon. It is a heavy-hitting area, and you will face a triple threat challenge over there. Now here you are to face the end game boss encounter with a twist. Enjoy!

  • New Dinosaur (Deinonychus)

Now, introducing to you the all-new dinosaur Deinonychus. You will encounter the extremely malicious ill-natured dinosaur, and it is very much similar to the Raptor. Like a raptor, it also uses its agility and speed to leap over the wall ledge to another wall ledge, and it also seeks high vantage points lying there waiting for the prey.

This malicious devilish beast is courageous enough to hunt prey much larger in size than itself. It is fearless and can be termed dare-devil. It will keep hanging on to another dinosaur’s back with the help of its claws which are sickle-shaped, and then starts feeding on the victimized dinosaur. It captures and feeds on the victim even before it dies.

  • Into the Trenches

There is a large maze of caves like a network, and it helps to spelunk as you keep moving and exploring the large territory which is still hidden to you. There are wide Aberration trenches, and the themes and features of the surrounding have changed a lot. The caves that you should definitely check out are:

  1. Western Cave at around 33,10, which is a great spot for building a base and has a plethora of aquatic beasts which you can tame.
  2. Western Cave 2 at around 60,10, which is almost the same as the first, helps you get sufficient protection and makes defending easier.
  3. Spider Cave, at around 72,40, is an extremely large cave and is rich in resources, and you will require scuba gear to cross the water. It is one of the main Artifact caves that is required to be entertained by the player if bosses are what they desire.
  4. Red Obelisk Cave at 82,25 is a smaller cave that is great for single players.
  5. Temple Cave at around 42,83, which is the second in the list of artefact caves and which is there to fulfil boss objectives.
  6. Ice Cave at around 15,27, which is a very simple and narrow ice cave that comes with an Artifact within.
  7. Under Castle Cave at around 37,90 is a huge and massive cave with lots of water. This cave is stuffed with activities.
  • Secrets from the Ancient Age

You will be traversing the world of the unknown and exploring the world amongst the ruins that are scattered all over in the world of Valguero survivors who have been forgotten.

  • Valleys and peaks

There are eight biomes, and there is a vast range of climatic conditions and terrains and dangers. You have to move cautiously through the hazards of Skeleton Gorge. Find the vistas by reaching the top of the Twin Peaks. You can also try and find out the past remains from the Lost Temple.

Regions of Valguero:

  • Boreal Forest: It constitutes the Beaver Lake, Boreal Forest, Skeleton Gorge, The Dam, The Farm, The Outpost, The valley and the weather top.
  • Jungle: It consists of the Green Canyon, Hidden Lake, Jungle, Jungle Cliff Ridge, The lost temple and the Urwald swamp.
  • Redwoods: It constitutes the high mountains, the dam, the falls, the islands, the lair, the Moore, the redwoods, the stronghold and the twin peaks.
  • Snow Mountain: It constitutes the Felsblock Pass, the Felsblock Plateau, Glacier Narrows, Glacier throughway, Grand Glacier, Icewall Plateau, Schwarzwald, Snow desert, Snow mountains and the Great trench.
  • Tundra: This region consists of Beaver Moore, Bergfestung, Claw Valley, Tundra and Tundra Crossing.
  • White Cliffs: It comprises Forgotten city, the Maul, the Paradise, the Pillar, the skyguard and the white cliffs.
  • Miscellaneous: The other miscellaneous regions present in Valguero are Forsaken Oasis, the Abyss, the Emerald Forest, the Lake and the Unknown.

Valguero has multiple features that would make your gaming experience happier and more energized. It is a unique game that has all ocean creatures but does not have any ocean surrounding the map. Valguero even comes with a Wyvern Trench that has two types of fire Wyvern and Ice Wyvern. It is really great and an amazing game to play. So, Enjoy Gaming!

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